Custom Card Images

About your custom card image.

The only restriction on images is that they not be illegal. If you can find it on Google, we'll put it on a card for you and that includes adult content (18+). Have Fun!

If you just are sending us a link to an image you'd like to use, you can skip this next paragraph and go on to the LINK instructions.

If you are comfortable with image manipulation, you can download our Full Image Template for Photoshop HERE, or as a .PNG HERE. This will give you the best idea of how your image will fit into the dimensions of our cards and allow you to prepare it for upload. Keep in mind that there is a 800KB file size limit.

LINK - When sending us a link to the artwork you'd like on your card, it's important to keep a few things in mind.

1. The link you send us should be of the image by itself, NOT the page that contains that image or the Google search results page that displays your image plus 300 others. This can easily be done by RIGHT CLICKING on the image you want and selecting VIEW IMAGE from the popup menu that appears. This will give you a new page that shows nothing but the image you want along with its address in the address bar. Copy and paste that address into the IMAGE URL field.

2. We do our best to make your image look as good as possible but that is impossible if your file is not AT LEAST 500x700 pixels. If searching for images on Google, select the SEARCH TOOLS option and change your size preference to MEDIUM to achieve better results.

3. MOST importantly... Have FUN!