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Great end to 2018 and we're powering right into 2019. Thanks to everyone who ordered and continues to support me and what I do. As I've always said this is for fans by fans and I could have never imagined that there would be so many of us out there around the world. You guys have helped turn a passion project into a business and I continue to learn and grow everyday.

Becky - The Orica Mistress.



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NOTE: The logo you see on the front of the cards on our site is a watermark on the image and NOT on the card itself. Any cards purchased will NOT have this watermark on them. We use this watermark because other sellers in the past have "borrowed" our images and claimed them as their own.watermark.jpg

These are NOVELTY cards. Remember how cool the cards looked in the show when someone did one of those dramatic, anime style, exaggerated-perspective reveals? THAT is what these oricas capture! These are hand made right here in the USA by true fan.

Oricas are Novelty Collectors Items and are NOT TOURNAMENT LEGAL.

OriCas (Original + Cards = OriCa) are custom, handmade cards, inspired by various sources. Some are Anime Oricas are recreations of the cards as they appeared in the US dubbed, anime series like this amazing Blue-Eyes White Dragon...


*Fun Fact - Although it was the first card we sold, Blue-Eyes White Dragon was NOT the first orica we ever made. That honor goes to Exodia the Forbidden One (circa 2002) as a display piece in our shop.

Other oricas are Proxies of existing cards that have custom artwork and can be used in place of an official card in friendly play like this beautiful Harpie Queen. These cards have all of the pertinent information that their official counterpart has... Name, Attribute, Effect, etc...


Certain cards in the game allow you to summon a monster (or multiple) as part of an effect. That's where Token Oricas come in. Since they are basically just a place holder, tokens can be anything so why not make it something epic like this Japanese Style Token featuring L from "Death Note".


And finally there's the completely unique and clever custom creation made just for the sheer fun of it or, for our favorite reason...



Its a trap... card.

Our OriCas are the closest thing to the official size, shape, weight, thickness, shine and color that you will find ANYWHERE. Only the best materials are used in the making to insure their awesomeness. These cards will make an incredible addition to any collection and are sure to get attention as a display piece. If you've actually taken the time to read all this, you should also know that entering the code "iknoworicas" as a coupon code at checkout will get you an additional discount on your first order, thus proving that it is good to read before you buy. Simply stated, these cards are made FOR FANS - BY FANS!

It's Your Move!

-Becky The Orica Mistress

To see our FAQ's page click here.

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